Amazing Kid’s Juice is now PureFUN! Juice!

PureFUN! Inc, is excited to announce our partnership with Amazing Kids!We have been serving Amazing Kids customers since April of 2013! PureFUN! is committed to serving customers of Amazing Kids Juice with excellence and we are excited to bring you over 14 years of experience in the Child Care market. When you place your order, you will receive PureFUN! 100% Juice.

We care about kids, and we demonstrate that by making sure that they get the best juice possible. Our daycare juice is 100% Juice and 100% Juice Blends, made from the highest quality ingredients.

Juice is our business. We know Juice. We live Juice. Juice is what we love. We have committed our company to providing it’s customers with the best 100% juice blends available today, period! Our juice meets and exceeds all standards set forth by the U.S.D.A., Department of Education and Child Care Licensing Board as a full strength juice blend. Our customers keep coming back to us for PureFUN! Juice because we refuse to compromise quality.

PureFUN! Juice arrives in a conveniently packaged easy to mix formula so there is no guesswork, no mess, and great tasting juice every time. You may choose from over 22 delicious flavors including a line of clear flavors. Our clear flavors help to avoid messy spills and stains. You can order online at our online webstore www.purefunsupply.com , by phone (877)-922-7635, or a printable fax order form. Whichever is easiest for you suits us just fine!

PureFUN! also provides a full line of Janitorial, kitchen and bathroom supplies, as well as, classroom art and craft supplies, daycare furniture and more! Check out www.purefunsupply.com for our full line of products!